Lab Type: Mac OS X
Location: Ramaley Biology
Hours: Open Monday-Wednesday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
Number of Machines: 34
Type of Machines: iMac Intel i5 3.2 GHz 27” Retina 8GB/1TB

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (Mac) (version 15.016.20039)
Adobe Bridge (CS6) (version
Adobe Dreamweaver (CS6) (version
Adobe Extention Manager (CS6) (version
Adobe Fireworks (CS6) (version
Adobe Flash (CS6) (version
Adobe Illustrator (CS6) (version 16.0.0)
Adobe InDesign (CS6) (version
Adobe Media Encoder (CS6) (version 6.0.2)
Adobe Photoshop (CS6) (version 13.1.2)
Alertus Desktop (version 2.9.31)
Canon EOS Utility (version 2.8)
ChemDraw Prime (version 15.1.0)
Ez7z (version 2.14)
Fetch (version 5.7.5 (5H1476, Web Store))
Firefox (version 53.0.2)
Google Chrome (version RECENT)
IDL85 (version 8.5)
JMP Pro 13 (version 13)
Logger Pro (version 3.8.5)
Mathematica (version
MATLAB_R2016a (version 9.0.0)
Microsoft Excel 16 (version ONGOING)
Microsoft OneNote 16 (version ONGOING)
Microsoft Outlook 16 (version ONGOING)
Microsoft PowerPoint 16 (version ONGOING)
Microsoft Silverlight 16 (version ONGOING)
Microsoft Word 16 (version ONGOING)
QuickTime Player 10.4 (version 10.4)
R 3.3.0 (Mac) (version 3.3.0)
RStudio 0.99.902 (Mac) (version 0.99.902)
Skype (version 7.50)
StatPlus (version )
TextWrangler (Mac) (version 5.0.2)
VLC (version 2.2.4)
Zotero (Mac) (version 4.0.295)

University of Colorado Boulder
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