Lab Type: Windows 10
Location: Norlin Libraries
Hours: Laptop Cart in Norlin Library
Number of Machines: 20
Type of Machines: Dell Latitude E7470

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (version 15.007.20033 )
Cisco AnyConnect Client (version )
Evernote (version 1.4)
Google Chrome (version RECENT)
Internet Explorer (version 11.0.9)
Jing (version 2.6.68622)
Mendeley (version 1.14)
Microsoft Access 2016 (version )
Microsoft Excel 2016 (PC) (version ONGOING)
Microsoft OneNote 2016 (PC) (version ONGOING)
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (PC) (version ONGOING)
Microsoft Publisher 2016 (PC) (version ONGOING)
Microsoft Word 2016 (PC) (version ONGOING)
Mozilla Firefox (PC) (version 38.0.1)
Skype (version 7.7)
Tableau Public (version 9.1)
Zoom (version 3.5.20605.0713)
Zotero (version

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